Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Game of Aspects

Let's start this off with a warning, shall we? The following flash fiction piece contains sexual content. Please don't read it if you won't like it.

This said, here comes the explanation, and an apology. Skip this if you only want to read the story.
When I started this blog, I had planned to write 24 flash fiction works inspired by sentences from one of my favourite books. I came as far as 16 before work and life in general got the better of me. If you were enjoying the project, I am very sorry to have disappointed you so. I haven't given up on it yet.

This post does not belong to the original project, though. It's for a flash fiction challenge of Chuck Wendig. He gave us lists of subgenres, elements to include and themes from which to choose any combination and write a 1000-word story. I chose the following:
Subgenre: Erotica
Element to Include: Serial Killer
Theme/Motif/Conflict: On the Run

Fine, here we go; 988 words and not enough room for sex.