Friday, 9 March 2012


This is my world.
It is not unlike yours with regards to where land ends and where the sea begins. Mountain ranges might resemble those you know seen from afar. There are differences, though. The sizes and shapes of things might be slightly off, and colours may vary as well. There is, for example, Italy with a smaller shoe size and higher heel, or so I'm told. Also, North and South America are only almost, but not quite, connected.
You have to understand that this is not your world; this is the dream world - a place where day dreams and wishes come alive. It is constantly being created by dreamers from all over your world. They shape their lands not unlike their home, but different still. Humans never see the world as it is, you see, so no matter how close they want to stay to reality, it is still their personal reality that is being used.

I love the diversity of my world. We have twenty different kinds of fairies around here - as far as I know -, four werewolf species and quite a number of vampires. They could essentially be divided into two fractions: glitter and non-glitter, but there are some subtle difference between two specimens of the same group. For some reason, a lot of them are called Edward and look similar, but never identical. And, oh, the different personalities! I'm friends with one Edward, but there's another I really can't stand. But I'm getting side-tracked here, my apologies.

Nothing in the dream world is fixed. It's not only that every person's imagination is a little different, but it also changes within one person over the course of his or her life. People grow up, and their world grows with them. A dreamer dies and another takes his or her place. There are no territory fights, though, everything is perfectly organised.

Sometimes - no, actually quite often - I try to imagine what kind of person the dreamer behind a certain part of this world is. You see, it is very rare that a dreamer comes here. I think they are probably too busy dreaming. Others come here, though, travellers between the worlds. Some of them know the dreamer in question, and can tell me about him or her.
Most travellers are wonderfully nice people. They enjoy living in other people's dreams, which - as I understand - is a rare gift in your world. There are exceptions, though. Every once in a while, someone comes here in bad faith, mostly with the wish to destroy a dream. I really don't know how people like that even manage to get through a portal! Admittedly, though, I've never asked. I just get rid of them as quickly as possible. Make sure they don't come back as well.

I am the guardian. Welcome to my world.

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  1. Dreaming is often the nature of things, an incitement otherwise often carried away by the real pulse. Reality has become lately a matter not to care much about. In this world, dreams themselves are merely to be seen as the dreams of dreams. And we move just in pause.