Thursday, 14 November 2013

November Flash - Day 9

Since I was the only one participating in the November +Flash Fiction Project and that's, well, not very nice for a group project, they stopped posting pictures at this time (presumable until NaNo is over). I'd still like to continue with this, though, since I'm already in my groove. So, it's on you now.
I don't like choosing my own prompts, that doesn't feel right, and therefore I'm asking YOU, anyone who would like, to send me, or comment with, or whatever else you can think of, images you'd like me to use. It can be anything at all, I'm learning not to be picky.
I'm going to work through them chronologically, because I get into difficulties if I see more than one image at the same time, but you are still welcome to send new pictures!
Now, get me writing, folks! And let me know whether or not you want to be mentioned as the suggester of the picture. And please don't forget to include attribution links.

Let the fun continue! Here is the prompt for November 09, from Rodney Chester, who is doing a 365 day photo challenge and kindly allowed me to use his work:

313/365 Main Beach

Her breath comes in short, rapid bursts, almost too fast to actually bring oxygen into the lung. Her legs are shaking violently under the weight of her body, but she drags her feet forward and upward one step at a time.
Upon arrival, she collapses to hands a knees, her head hanging limply between her arms. Violent convulsions run through her body, moving her flesh like a ship's screw the ocean. With every minute she spends like this, the movement subsides, her breath grows quiet, until she finally lifts her head.
Before her is a short space of brown earth, then nothing, then the beach. All shades of blue for the ocean, topped with white crestwaves where it's close to the golden beach. Trees, green and brown, mark the end of the sand, where people - more colourful than ants - run around or bathe in the sun. The sky adds yet another blue, the grey clouds are still far away.
She gets to her feet slowly, not entirely convinced that her legs can support her, and walks to the edge of the slope. Her cheeks flush with gratitude and - yes - pride as she realises how far she has climbed. She made it to the top, despite her bad shape, despite people telling her she could never do it. Now she can look down on them all, down there on the beach being lazy. While they sit there, too afraid to move, she has already taken the first steps.
Finally, her journey has begun.

Normally, there's nothing more I say after a story, but while I wrote this one, this song happened to come up in my playlist and it kind of fitted.

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