Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November Flash - Day 13

Since I was the only one participating in the November +Flash Fiction Project and that's, well, not very nice for a group project, they stopped posting pictures at this time (presumable until NaNo is over). I'd still like to continue with this, though, since I'm already in my groove. So, it's on you now.
I don't like choosing my own prompts, that doesn't feel right, and therefore I'm asking YOU, anyone who would like, to send me, or comment with, or whatever else you can think of, images you'd like me to use. It can be anything at all, I'm learning not to be picky.
I'm going to work through them chronologically, because I get into difficulties if I see more than one image at the same time, but you are still welcome to send new pictures!
Now, get me writing, folks! And let me know whether or not you want to be mentioned as the suggester of the picture. And please don't forget to include attribution links.

Let the fun continue! Here is the prompt for November 13, from Rodney Chester, who is doing a 365 day photo challenge and kindly gave me permission to use his work:

Why am I here? It's almost midnight on a Saturday, there's definitely a party with hot chicks going on somewhere, and I'm walking along the beach with that f***ing keychain flashlight my mother thought would be a nice birthday present. And what am I doing? I'm helping my date to find her friend's f***ing dog! What do I care for that stupid animal?? If at least she hadn't insisted on splitting up, we could have had us some good times alone on the beach! She probably wouldn't have played along, though, concerned as she was about that dumb mutt. Time to go find another... Hey, what's that?
The cone of light had struck something glittery close to the shoreline. There were two silver things, connected with a fine ribbon. They looked a bit like a small girl's purse, and when he picked them up and opened one, he found a collection of pearls inside; the other contained  sea shells.
"Hello, sexy. What have you got there?"
The voice came from his left, from the ocean. He turned and saw, propped up on some rocks not too far out from the shore, a woman. What he could see of her body was naked; her wet hair fell behind her back, offering a good view of her pale breasts shining in the moonlight.
Wow. I wonder... No, it doesn't matter what she's doing out there in the middle of the night.
"Why, is it yours?"
"Would you come over and let me see it?"
What, bathe in the ocean in the middle of the night in October? No, thank you.
"Why don't you come over here and take a look?"
She shook her head. "I promise you won't regret it, and it's really not that cold here."
That grin... This girl is up to something naughty! Damn if it's cold, damn that girl and her friend's mutt, I'm going to get some now!
He dropped his shoes and pants and waded across to her.
What will we do? Crazy as she is, she must be awesome at BJs, and then I'm going to really f*** her right there on the stones. Damn the cold though, I'll have to rub up to her boobs to warm up first, get everything going, eh? Let's get it on!
"Here you go, lady. Now, what about my reward?"
"Come over and you'll get it." She leaned across the stones for a deep kiss, feeling his already cold lips, pulling him slowly over to her side. Too late he saw...
What the f***?! How do you f*** a girl with a f***ing fishtail?! At least she's warm... and the boobs are soft, so soft... she might still be able to give a blowjob, though...
The mermaid's arms were wrapped firmly around him, slowly dragging him under.
"Thank you for my purse, human," she whispered in his ear. "Your reward is to be my plaything for the night."
And she pressed him down on the ocean floor, blew some oxygen into his mouth and dropped a hand into his briefs.

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