Friday, 12 October 2012

October Flash - Day 11

The Flash Fiction Project at Google+ has something new going on!   There will be a visual prompt for every day in October, and I'm going to try to write a (very) short piece for it every day as well. Due to time zone differences, I'll try writing and posting mine early in the morning, so it's a day after the original post for me, but still the same for them.

Let the fun begin! Here is the prompt for today:

"No, we are more than just best friends."
"Why? Does it scare you?"
"We've heard that people hate what they are afraid of."
"But we mean no harm, you don't have to fear us."
"All we feel is love."
"Yes, for each other."
"No, we're not just friends."
"There is attraction, too."
"Please don't ask. We know you don't want to know how it feels like when she touches me."
"You don't want to hear me talk about how much I love kissing her sweet lips."
"No, it would only scare you even more."
"And there really is nothing scary about us."
"Just love."
"Always love."

"We are not ill."
"This is not a condition you can cure."
"You cannot therapy away love. Please don't try."
"It would never work, anyway."

"It doesn't matter what you say, we know what we feel."
"This is something we cannot give up."
"It doesn't matter what you try to keep us apart."
"I would love to marry her, but even if you won't allow it, I would never leave her to marry someone else."
"It doesn't matter how you see us."
"All that matters is how we see each other."

"The more–"
"–we have to fight–"
"–for our love–"
"–the stronger–"
"–it becomes."

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