Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October Flash - Day 27

Yes, this was last year.
Yes, I never finished with it then.
That's why I'm going to do it now! (Plus, they're starting a similar project in November this year, and I want to get the old one finished before that, which means two stories a day which is practically impossible, but yeah.)

The Flash Fiction Project at Google+ has something new going on! There will be a visual prompt for every day in October, and I'm going to try to write a (very) short piece for it every day as well. Due to time zone differences, I'll try writing and posting mine early in the morning, so it's a day after the original post for me, but still the same for them.

Let the fun begin! Here is the prompt for October 27:

Finally, a moment of peace. They look at each other and can see only love and smiles and happiness. He leans towards her to whisper "You are mine now." She giggles.
"Here, I have something for you."
He takes a necklace out of his pocket, with a big sea shell as pendant.
"Thank you, honey, it's beautiful!"
"And it matches you dress. You should wear it."
He walks around her, placed the necklace on her décolleté and lifts her hair to close the clasp. Her fingers caress the pendant lovingly.
"I wonder if anything is inside the sea shell."
"Yes, there is." He takes her hands. "All my love for you is in there." He gives her a small kiss. "You are mine now. For ever."
There is something in his voice and his eyes, something she has not seen before. Suddenly she is uncertain, in doubt about her decision to marry him. Just as suddenly, the uneasiness is replaced by love, only love, for him.
The sea shell is warm against her skin, pulsing slightly in time with the beating of her heart. And she is his for ever.

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